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Our purpose is to provide
superior Dive Training for new
recreational divers, advanced
divers and those seeking
specialized or professional

Our goal is to prepare you for a
journey to the 70% of the earth
few have the skills to explore.

Our focus is your education &
safe diving experiences.
             Friday 14th
             OPEN Saturday
Friday 28 thru
             Sunday 30.
             Checkout dives

        Mon, Weds, Fri. & Sat
        11AM-  4PM
         And by appointment
   CALL 443 926-2030

 BASIC  COURSE   Class and Pool

      Mondays & Wednesdays
  Class  & Pool  6PM to 10:00PM
   Class & Pool  10am to 2PM      
From your first certification as an Open Water diver through the professional
level, such as Divemaster, PADI self study materials eliminate your scheduled
classroom time and maximize time to self- study.  Many courses have Online
study materials.

Some Prerequisites
A reasonable level of physical fitness is required for scuba. Most courses
require a medical questionnaire, a liability release and an understanding of
safe diving practices.  Some courses are prerequisite to others. There may be
age requirements.               
912 Forest Drive
True Value Building
Rear- Ground  Floor
Annapolis, MD 21403

Hours of Operation and Store Location


Touch or Online available
courses. We need
date of birth (day/mo/yr
format), tablet or
laptop/desktop equipment,
full name, and email
Online Knowledge
available for most courses.

Same pool  or opem water